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Kelly Spinks

Kelly SpinksKelly Spinks was born and raised in Mullin, Texas, and has been playing professionally since 1991. Kelly SpinksHe is a third generation fiddle player that knows his country music inside out. His music speaks to lost loves and heartaches in neon-lit honky-tonks.

A robust fiddler and dynamic vocalist he delivers traditional country music with a heavy emphasis on the Honky-Tonk sound and Western Swing tradition. Kelly remains true to the old school - fiddles and steel, shuffles and waltzes. A modern day cowboy and rancher he plays the original Texas dancehall sound that cannot be rehearsed or copied, but rather "experienced" over a lifetime.

Over the last few years Kelly has released two dynamic CD's that have received international airplay, with several top 10 hits from New Zealand to Europe and has been well-received by fans and critics alike. He has also been honored to record a couple of duets with one of his idols, Tony Douglas.Kelly Spinks

Kelly has a history of playing with some of the greats in country music... Johnny Bush, Frenchie Burke, Tony Douglas, Curtis Potter, Hank Thompson, and many more. Kelly SpinksKelly with his outstanding Miles & Miles of Texas band, has been fortunate to keep a number of his same band members for over a decade. He can fill the dance floor with some of the best dance music around, and can be heard weekly at dancehalls, honky-tonks, and Western Swing festivals throughout Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Louisiana.

Kelly has been named West Texas Country Music Entertainer of the Year, Terry Awards Fiddle Player of the Year, Kelly SpinksSweet Home Hall Entertainer of the Year, Switzerland's coveted Country Music World Festival Award Winner, 2016 Ameripolitan Awards Western Swing Male Artist Nominee, and has been honored for this past year's dedication to Kowboys for Kids.

He is a Texas family gentleman who truly loves and respects the fans that travel thousands of miles to support the traditional Texas Country and Western Swing music that we all love.


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